Survey and National Register Branch

Claudia R. Brown, Branch Supervisor

The Survey and National Register Branch of the State Historic Preservation Office coordinates or participates in five major program areas related to the preservation of historic structures in North Carolina: (1) the statewide historic building survey, (2) the National Register of Historic Places program, (3) environmental review of state and federal projects that affect historic structures, (4) local historic preservation commissions, including the Certified Local Government program, and (5) public information and assistance.

The branch includes staff in Raleigh, Greenville, and Asheville. 

Claudia R. Brown has served as served as Branch Supervisor since 1992.

Since the mid-1970s, almost three quarters of the state's 100 counties have participated in comprehensive historic building surveys, and twenty-two counties have joined in regional reconnaissance surveys. More than sixty municipalities have conducted surveys independently of their surrounding counties. Most surveys are conducted by trained consultants working through the section's federal grant program to local governments, and are supervised by Claudia Brown, with Hannah Beckman assisting survey reviews in the central region. Scott Power and John Wood in the Archives and History Eastern Office in Greenville and Annie McDonald in the Archives and History Western Office in Asheville supervise projects in their respective regions. Beth King is architectural survey specialist for special projects. Over fifty county surveys and thirty-seven municipal surveys have been published. (Click here for a list of survey publications). The Survey and National Register Branch is the repository of historic buildings survey records, and maintains files on an estimated 110,000 historic buildings, with over 2,000 files typically added to the collection annually.

The National Register of Historic Places is the nation's official list of buildings, sites, objects, and districts that warrant special preservation consideration in public planning. The National Register Coordinator and other staff edit and process an average of sixty National Register nominations annually, most of which are prepared by private consultants engaged by local governments, private institutions, or private property owners. North Carolina now has over 2,900 listings in the National Register, of which over 550 are historic districts that may encompass hundreds of historic buildings.  The National Register coordinator is Jenn Brosz, and the National Register program assistant is Ben Walker. Field office staff conduct preliminary reviews of nominations within their respective regions.

The branch has developed a Geographic Information System (GIS) for computer mapping of the statewide historic building survey.  HPOWEB is the online version of this system. Michael Southern is GIS Coordinator, and Andrew Edmonds is GIS Technical Support Analyst. 

Staff participates in the Environmental Review program and reviews more than 2,000 state and federal undertakings annually to assess their impacts on historic resources and to initiate mitigation procedures when a public action affects historic properties.

North Carolina has over 100 historic preservation commissions established by local governments under state enabling legislation to designate and monitor historic properties locally. Staff assists the Preservation Commission Services/Certified Local Government Coordinator in helping local governments in establish preservation commissions, advising commissions on operations and procedures required by law, reviewing local landmark and designation reports, and administering the state's Certified Local Government program. 

All staff members respond to public inquiries concerning historic properties in North Carolina and several offer lectures on historic preservation and architectural history topics.

Staff is assisted by Chandrea Burch, photo/file room archivist, and Anna Grantham, file room assistant.

Mailing Address:
Survey and National Register Branch
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NC Office of Archives and History
4617 Mail Service Center
Raleigh NC 27699-4617

Fax: 919-807-6599

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File Room Telephone: 919-807-7286

Offices of the Survey and National Register Branch are located on the second floor (east side) of the Archives/State Library Building at 109 E. Jones St., Raleigh, 27601. Visitors are encouraged to call in advance to ensure that staff will be available to provide assistance. See theVisitation Policy.

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